Nam Joo Hyuk’s Camp To Take A Legal Action Against A Media Company For Reporting False Information Involving Him In School Violence

Actor Nam Joo Hyuk sued the informant and the media who wrote false articles on suspicion of ‘school violence’.

On June 24th, Nam Joo Hyuk’s agency, Management Soop, said through an official press release, “Today, the reporter and CEO of the media who wrote the false article and the anonymous informant who made the false report violated the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection (Damage) “

“We sincerely hope that the truth will be revealed through a prompt investigation and that actor Nam Joo Hyuk’s tarnished reputation will be restored.” the agency added.

On June 20th, The Days reported on suspicions of school violence based on a tip from Nam Joo Hyuk and a classmate from middle and high school.

In response, Management Soop said, “After confirming the facts with the actors, we confirmed that all of the contents were not true at all. I am sorry,”.

He continued, “We plan to quickly apply for correction information to the Media Arbitration Committee against the media, taking responsibility for seriously damaging the actor’s reputation due to this false report. We will file a criminal complaint against the informant. We have referred the case to our legal advisor today to proceed with these legal actions, and we are currently working on it.”

In addition, “After this time, the management company will take strict legal responsibility for all acts of posting unilateral claims online (SNS, YouTube) without a clear fact-checking process. We will take strong measures with no lenient punishment for acts that encourage this, or malicious posts and comments that go beyond simple expression of opinions. We will also take legal action against data already collected through monitoring.”



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