IU Confessed She Tried To Get Rid Of Her Natural Eyebags But Still Failed

Singer and actress IU draws attention by boasting her body parts that have been praised the most.

On the 22nd, a video titled “[IU TV] Bonjour! Cannes Film Festival vlog” was posted on IU‘s YouTube channel.

In the video, IU filmed a vlog of the 75th Cannes Film Festival held last month.

IU, who turned on the camera in her dorm bed, said, “These are, surprisingly, natural eye-bags. I had them since I was 7 years old. I heard salmon is good for eye-bags. I tried salmon cream, salmon face mask, green tea and everything but it got darker over time“, she confessed.

The next day she began to work on her official schedule. Meanwhile, she suddenly turned her back on the camera and said, “Would you like to take a look at my erector muscle?

She then said, “This is the only muscle my personal trainers compliment“.

IU‘s YouTube production team, who was helping with the filming, said, “No wonder, you wouldn’t lean back on the plane yesterday“, drawing laughter.

IU, who returned to her accommodation after finishing her schedule at the festival, said, “My fans were crying “IU IU” at Cannes and I thought it was a prank cam” she said.

How do I have fans in France? I think that was more… More than the red carpet I think that was quite impressive. Everything that happened today feels like a dream. It totally feels like a dream” she said.



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