Get To Know These Kpop Idols Who Were Forced To Change Their Daring Choreography To Avoid Being Banned In National Television

Choreography is one of the important factors that help the song leave a deep impression on the audience. 

Therefore, many idols choose somewhat seductive moves to create a highlight for the performance. 

However, some choreography is in danger of being “banned”, so it has to be changed to be able to appear on national television. 

Full Moon (Sunmi)

Sunmi in Full Moon is extremely daring. 
(Photo: JYP Entertainment YouTube screenshot)

Right after Full Moon was released, Sunmi made people “hot” with daring choreography. 

However, they quickly received mixed reviews, especially the leg spread on the sofa. 

In order to be able to broadcast on national TV channels, the company changed the new choreography for Sunmi.

Sunmi in Full Moon is extremely daring. 
(Photo: JYP Entertainment YouTube screenshot)

Vibrato (Stellar)

The song ” Vibrato ” after its debut caused the girl group Stellar to be “boycotted” by the people. 

The reason is because the group’s choreography makes viewers blush. 

When on television, Stellar had to change the movement of opening and closing legs, moving hips into simple shoulder shakes.

Miniskirt (AOA)

AOA’s miniskirt was also banned by the station if they didn’t change their movements. 
(Photo: YouTube screenshot AOA, MBCkpop)

Launched in 2014, Miniskirt became a hot topic of public discussion. 

Not only the MV image, but even the choreography also did not satisfy Knet.

 After being banned from performing at KBS, SBS or MBC TV stations, the movements of zipping skirts and shaking hips had to be corrected.

The girl group is forced to change the dance in Miniskirt. 
(Photo: Screenshot of YouTube MBCkpop)

Nice Body (Hyomin)

Hyomin’s Nice Body uses a lot of hip movements. 
(Photo: Screenshot of YouTube MBCkpop)

The female idol changed into a new choreography, not turning down the stage like before. 
(Photo: YouTube SBS screenshot)

In the ” Nice Body ” MV , the dance moves are focused on showing off the body curves. 

Therefore, in order not to be “touched” by the station, Hyomin removed sensitive movements.

Sketch (Hyomin)

Hyomin uses a lot of footwork in Sketch. 
(Photo: YouTube Mnet screenshot)

The movement is then changed to a closed leg. 
(Photo: Screenshot of YouTube MBCkpop)

The choreography of the song ” Sketch ” made the audience shy when watching Hyomin’s performance.

 In order  for Sketch to be more accepted by fans, the female idol changed the choreography to a sincere form with her legs closed.

Roll Deep (HyunA)

HyunA is known as the “sexy queen”, so she put on many daring dances on stage. 
(Photo: YouTube Mnet screenshot)

Roll Deep is one of HyunA’s hit songs. The hit song released in 2015 has helped her gain many significant achievements.

 However, the original choreography was so daring that it was changed to be performed on national television stations.

Lion Heart (SNSD)

The legless choreography in Lion Heart was not loved by the audience. 
(Photo: YouTube SMTOWN screenshot)

SNSD also had a rather awkward choreography. In Lion Heart , the group had to stand with their legs apart and shake their hips. 

The members themselves shared that they did not like this dance. 

After that, the movement was quickly replaced, still shaking the hips but in a softer way.

Up & Down (EXID)

The dance in the Up&Down MV was well received by the people. 
(Photo: YouTube screenshot EXID_OFFICIAL)

To be broadcast on a TV station, the girl group has to change into a new move. 
(Photo: Screenshot of YouTube KBS WORLD TV)

Debuted in 2014, EXID’s Up & Down received a lot of attention thanks to its beautiful MV and catchy tune. 

However, the famous hip flexion dance that helped create Hani’s brand “fancam queen” was not approved by the station.

 Therefore, when EXID performed on national television stations, the group had to change to swinging their hips to the sides. Because the group’s trademark choreography was not broadcast, it made fans feel regretful.


Extremely viral dance on BLACKPINK’s social networking sites. 
(Photo: BLACKPINK YouTube screenshot)

Up to now, DDU-DU DDU-DU is still a popular hit and shows no sign of cooling down. 

In particular, the dance in the chorus once caused a fever, which is what makes the song successful. In particular, BLACKPINK once revealed that this is not the original choreography. 

Jennie said, they changed the palm down to a new gesture on the day of the MV filming.

Because they want to make their own mark, female idols have integrated their personality and nature into each movement. 

Jennie revealed that the dance was changed on the day of the MV filming. 
(Photo: Vlive screenshot)



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