Get To Know The Songs That Kpop Idols Hate Despite Its Global Popularity

Korean idols expressed that they did not like their own songs. 
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As an idol, releasing K-pop hits is integral to building a reputation.

 However, many K-pop idols openly expressed that they did not like the group’s song itself.

As If It’s Your Last is the song that BLACKPINK members dislike the most in 6 years of artistic activities. 

As If It’s Your Last is the song that BLACKPINK doesn’t like the most. 
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The reason is that this hit is built on the concept of PINK (feminine, trendy girls).

 Meanwhile, the 4 beauties of YG Entertainment like the strong and seductive BLACK concept.

Although it did not win sympathy from its owner, As If It’s Your Last made a strong impression on the audience.

 To date, the music video for this song has surpassed 1.1 billion views on YouTube.

However, this hit has helped BLACKPINK’s name make a big step forward. 
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Currently, the song’s MV has surpassed 1.1 billion views on YouTube. 
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Junhoe doesn’t like the song “Bling Bling” because it’s too hip-hop. 
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Bling Bling is the song that Junhoe (iKON) doesn’t like the most. 

The reason is that the male idol does not like hip-hop music but only likes rock genre. 

Meanwhile, Bling Bling is a powerful song, with lots of rap parts.

Male idols love the rock genre more. 
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I’m Gonna Be A Star is a song that Nayeon and fans are both obsessed with. 
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This song is even more “flop” than Signal. 
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I’m Gonna Be A Star is the song that makes Nayeon “bored” the most.

 TWICE’s eldest sister said that she was assigned to sing the chorus of only one sentence “I’m Gonna Be A Star” so many times that she felt tired.

 Not only that, fans are also fed up with this song because of the repetitive, haunting words.

Irene doesn’t like the song “Rookie” because it’s too childish. 
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Concept Rookie is also not appreciated by the audience compared to other songs of the group. 
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Another song that has an equally haunting melody as ”  I’m Gonna Be A Star ” is Rookie (Red Velvet). Irene said that she did not like this song because the lyrics were childish and did not match her temperament.



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