BIGBANG’s G-Dragon And T-ARA’s HYOMIN Spotted Enjoying Themselves In An Art Exhibition

An idol colleague whom singer G-Dragon met at the exhibition drew attention.

On the 23rd, G-Dragon posted photos on his Instagram story to commemorate his first solo exhibition visit by American architect and sculptor Tom Sachs. The picture was mainly taken from the back of him looking at the work.

On the same day, an Instagram account of a girl group member also showed his back. It was T-ARA‘s HYOMIN.

On the same day, HYOMIN shared photos and works taken side by side with Tom Sachs. Among the photos were G-Dragon‘s backside, who was listening to Tom Sachs‘ daughter in person.

Tom Sachs is a sculptor who is attracting attention as a “brick collage“, an act of fixing and making something using various materials or tools.

In Korea, G-Dragon made his name known for his “Nike X Tom Sachs Masyard” shoe work worn by G-Dragon.

Shoes, which were 239,000 won when they were first released in 2017, were sold with more than 10 million won after wearing G-Dragon.

Perhaps because of this special connection, Tom Sachs also shared G-Dragon‘s appearance on his Instagram.

The exhibition will be held at the Art Sunjae Center in Jongno-gu, Seoul, and Tadeus Lopak Seoul and Hive Insight in Yongsan-gu.

Meanwhile, G-Dragon has recently been rumored to have split up after rumors of a romantic relationship with BLACKPINK‘s Jennie. The two did not offer any position on the issue.



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