Actress Kim Sae Ron Visited And Personally Apologized To The Store Owners For The Damages Caused By Her Drunk Driving

It is known that actress Kim Sae Ron, who is self-reliant in a drunk driving accident, visited the damaged stores and apologized and paid compensation.

The gold medalist said on June 24th that Kim Sae Ron apologized for the damage caused by the accident, and said that compensation for damage caused by power outages is in the final stage.

Earlier, on the morning of May 18th of last month, Kim Sae Ron was drunk and driving near Hak-dong intersection in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, and crashed into facilities such as transformers.

As a result, electricity in the area was cut off. In particular, merchants in nearby buildings were unable to operate due to power outages all morning and suffered financial damage.

Meanwhile, Kim Sae Ron left the SBS drama ‘Trolley‘ after a drunk driving accident.



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