Actress Kang So Ra Looks as Beautiful as Ever Months After Giving Birth

On the 24th, actress Kang So Ra posted a few photos to her Instagram with the caption “Healing Time“.

In the picture, Kang So Ra looks calm and happy in a cafe with a good vibe. The lush plants that have grown up around her make her feel like it’s summer.

Also, Kang So Ra showed off her simple charm with a white short-sleeved shirt that showed off her right-angled shoulder line and black slacks that showed off her long legs.

Also, Kang So Ra kept her beauty and body after she gave birth, which made many people jealous.

In the meantime, Kang So Ra married an oriental doctor who was eight years older than her in August 2020, and in April of that year, they had a daughter.

She is also reviewing Wave‘s original “Can I Be Other People?” as her next project.



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