TWICE’s Jihyo Teases Fans With Photos of Her And Other Members in Wedding Dresses

Popular girl group members of TWICE flaunted their stunning appearance in pure white bridal outfits as a group.

On June 23rd, Jihyo posted various party-themed photos taken with the members to Instagram.

The photo depicts members of TWICE donning white bridal gowns and reveling in a thrilling party.

Jihyo drew particular attention by highlighting her child’s form by exposing her back and collarbone lines.

Jihyo, whose hair was done in a “half-bunch,” exuded her calm and refined appeal to the utmost extent, causing fans’ hearts to flutter.

Other members flaunted their goddess-like aura with innocent makeup as well.

The group’ bright appearance, which resembles a bridal shower, is generating positive feedback.

Meanwhile, TWICE performed three solo concerts in Tokyo Dome over the course of three days from the 23rd to the 25th of the previous month.

In addition, TWICE member Nayeon will make her solo debut with “IM NAYEON,” her first mini album.



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