Henry Reportedly Step Down As Ambassador of “School Violence Prevention” In Mapo

Singer Henry, who was embroiled in a pro-Chinese scandal, is said to have stepped down as an advocate for school violence prevention.

On June 23rd, a post titled “Henry, who was selected as an ambassador for school violence prevention” was published on the online community FMKorea.

A netizen can observe the reaction to complaints from the Seoul Mapo Police Station over the designation of an advocate for “School Violence Prevention” in this post.

Henry was appointed as a public relations ambassador for the prevention of school violence at the Mapo Police Station in March, but his activities as a public relations ambassador have been terminated owing to the ‘pro-Chinese issue’ at the time,” according to the police. “Nothing can be said regarding the current situation“.

Previously, Henry allegedly made pro-China gestures through Chinese entertainment activities, causing controversy among Korean fans.

Despite the uproar, the Mapo Police Department named Henry as an ambassador for school violence prevention in April, despite widespread opposition from netizens.

Netizens who heard the news had a variety of reactions, including “I didn’t even attend to school in Korea, and I had no idea what kind of school violence ambassador he was” and “I’m not sure what the police thought of appointing him“.



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