Han Ji Min And Jeong Eun Hye Prove Their Friendship Is Everlasting In Recent Instagram Updates

Han Ji Min cheered for actress and Jeong Eun Hye, who played her twin sister in the drama.

On June 23rd, Han Ji Min shared many photos on Instagram with the caption, “The wet season. Go to the theaters to see Eun Hye, who makes me happy just by glancing at her“.

Han Ji Min, who attended the premiere of the documentary “Your Face” and struck a friendly posture with Jung Eun Hye, was included in the released photo.

She garnered attention on this day by displaying her “twin sister” chemistry, such as hugging or facing Jung Eun Hye and making comical expressions.

Furthermore, she promoted the film for Jung Eun Hye and maintained a good friendship long after the drama ended, which delighted fans. Han Ji Min stated, “Today marks the release of ‘Your Face.’ Eun Hye Jung “.

Previously, at the premiere, she approached Jung Eun Hye and pretended to be a fan, asking for a hug, and Jung Eun Hye recognized Han Ji Min and moved her.

In the recently concluded tvN show “Our Blues,” the two played twin sisters who delivered a message of fun and comfort.

Following the posting of the photo, netizens commented on Han Ji Min‘s Instagram account, “Eun Hye and Ji Min are adorable and charming,” “Two fairies. They look fantastic“, “I’m always cheer for you. Fighting“, “Han Ji Min at his best“, “Two gorgeous people with beautiful hearts” “and so forth.

Meanwhile, Jung Eun Hye has Down syndrome and works as a caricature artist, drawing people’s faces.

The documentary film “Your Face” depicts the narrative of his life as a true artist.



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