Here’s How Actor Choi Young Joon’s Emotional Scene Was Filmed In “Our Blues”, But It’s Not What You Expect

Actor Choi Young Joon discussed the fan scene in “Our Blues,” which was once a hot topic.

On June 21st, MBC FM4U‘s “Date at 2 o’clock: We’re Muzie – Ahn Young Mi” featured actor Choi Young Joon, who played Bang Ho Sik in the drama “Our Blues” as a single father who raises his high schooler daughter Bang Young Joo alone.

There’s a scene in ‘Our Blues’ where the head of a fan falls off when he gets frustrated after hearing your daughter’s pregnancy confession“, DJ Ahn Young Mi said. “Was it the director’s intention?”.

It’s a scene in the script“, Choi Young Joon responded. “It was done on purpose.”

When I watched that scene, I immediately thought ‘Wow, that fan,” Ahn Young Mi exclaimed, surprised by the response. “What a detailed scene by writer Noh Hee Kyung,” Muzie said, complimenting the timing.

Choi Young Joon continued, “Many people praised the acting of that fan. There was actually a note in the script that said ‘Not understanding Ho Sik’s feeling, the head of the fan falls off’. We made that fan do the acting”. His explanation of Noh Hee Kyung’s detailed script surprised everyone once again. 

Meanwhile, Choi Young Joon is boosting his acting career by starring in a string of hit series, including tvN’s “Hospital Playlist,” “Hospital Playlist 2,” “Vincenzo,” and “Our Blues,” all of which premiere in 2020.

By playing Bang Ho Sik, a single father who raises his daughter alone, he demonstrated impressive acting and evoked deep sympathy.



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