An Ex-Schoolmate Of Nam Joo Hyuk Steps Up To Defend Him Against Alleged School Violence Accusations

As actor Nam Joo Hyuk faces allegations of school violence, positive stories about him shared by his alumni are being re-examined.

In February of last year, Nate pann published an article titled “I’m writing about Nam Joo Hyuk in this situation“.

I was born in 1993 and am 29 years old“, the author explained. “Early in 1994, Nam Joo Hyuk was born. He enrolled in and graduated from Gyeongnam Middle School in Busan around 2006. There were basketball and baseball teams at our school“.

I’m not sure what grade Nam Joo Hyuk was in, but we were once classmates. Students in athletic clubs would go to practice and take classes until the fourth period, but the majority of them would sleep“, the author said. “I recall Nam Joo Hyuk as pure, pleasant, and bright. He was a terrible at studying , thou“, the author explained.

No one knows Nam Joo Hyuk was at our school when I ask my middle school classmates. Because he was a member of the basketball club, he didn’t take many classes. I saw a celebrity named Nam Joo Hyuk on the news after nearly ten years and assumed it was just someone with the same name. But when I looked him up on the internet, it was the same guy“.

I want to write a letter to Joo Hyuk“, the account concluded. “You may not recall me, but I recall you“. He wrote, “I remember you as Nam Joo Hyuk, who was truly pure, nice, and concerned about me. I know he’s busy with his activities, so I hope he takes care of his body and continues to do good work“.

Nam Joo Hyuk is currently facing allegations of school violence. “It is without foundation“, Nam Joo Hyuk‘s side countered.

Nam Joo Hyuk‘s classmate’s positive story from last year is being re-examined in this situation. This article is still available for viewing.



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