Netizens React Positively to Girls’ Generation Seohyun And Na In Woo’s New Drama “Jinxed at First”

People are really into “Jinxed at First.

The KBS 2TV drama “Jinxed at First,” which aired on the 15th and 16th, showed how Seulbi (Seohyun), the goddess of luck, and Soo Gwang (Na In Woo), a man who always has bad luck, met by chance and then got back together by accident.

Jinxed at First” is a drama about the love story between Seulbi, a powerful and pure shaman, and Soo Gwang, a man of Jinx whose life has been turned around.

Nielsen Korea says that the first episode of “Jinxed at First” had an audience rating of 3.9%. The second episode got a rating of 4.4%, and the show kept going up from there. The highest number of viewers per minute was 5.7%. After the first two episodes, it was the top Wed-Thu drama.

Seohyun got good reviews for her role as Seulbi, who in the play has a mysterious power to see the future of the person she touches.

Netizens said things like, “I didn’t expect it, but it’s so much fun,” “This is really fun,” “I liked it because it happened so quickly,” “The setting is fun,” “Seohyun is really pretty and Na In Woo is good-looking.. And so much fun,” and “The two go well together.”

It airs at 9:50 PM on Wednesdays and Thursdays.



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