Ahn Bo Hyun And Kim Go Eun On Are Shocked To Run Into Each Other In “Yumi’s Cells 2”

With the way the reunion ended, actor Ahn Bo Hyun made people want to know more.

In the TVing original show “Yumi’s Cells 2“, when Ahn Bo Hyun and his ex-girlfriend Kim Go Eun got reunited together at the end, it made viewers’ “hearts flutter.”

Ahn ran into Kim Go Eun at a place where he went to buy a used rice cooker, and they both seemed surprised to see each other.

Also, Ahn‘s visuals, which are completely different from season 1, keep people’s attention.

Goo Woong, who was played by Ahn Bo Hyun, talked to the seller as “Red Bean“. Yumi was the one who was selling the rice cooker (Kim Go Eun).

Goo Woong asked for a product that cost 120,000 won for 100,000 won because he was a student, but Yumi also showed a lot of experience.

He kept saying that he couldn’t take out 10,000 won because he was unemployed and couldn’t get a job. “Red BeanWoong-i didn’t answer for a long time because Yumi was so strict, and the purchase of a rice cooker seemed to have been for nothing.

But Woong was a person who was very determined from the 1st season on. After talking to the seller over and over, he was able to get a 5,000 won discount and was happy to go meet the seller.

Unexpectedly, Yumi was the one who sold the rice cooker. As if Christmas Eve didn’t matter to him, Woong went to the trading place in comfortable clothes and waited for the seller with his earphones in.

Someone tapped her on the back, and she turned to see Yumi standing in front of her. Woong-i was surprised by how silly the situation was, so he made the ending full of lingering emotions that he could only look at with his body hardened to make people even more curious.

Ahn Bo Hyun‘s performance was a perfect match for the character in the original webtoon. He had a high rate of synchronization with the original webtoon.

Ahn also gets good reviews for the way he shows how his lover feels, from the newness to the familiarity of the beginning of a relationship. This season, Ahn will show a complete change in how he looks.

It’s getting people excited because it has more mature eyes and shorter hairstyles than the last series. The story of Ahn Bo Hyun, who played a “ending fairy” in the fourth episode, is getting a lot of attention.



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