Netizens Pick 3 Pairs Of Korean Stars Who Could Be Mistaken As Siblings

The looks of these Korean celebrities are so similar that it’s hard to tell them apart.

Idol and actor doppelgangers can be found within the ranks of Korean celebrity culture; yet, each has their own distinct attractions.

Some K-drama and Kpop actors and singers look so much alike that netizens mistakenly believe they are brothers and sisters.

BTS’ V – Kim Sejeong 

It’s common knowledge that BTS V and idol-actress Kim Sejeong are the opposite sex counterparts of one another.

Most striking are the similarity between their facial features and smiles, such as their jawlines and eye shapes. Unaware netizens have mistaken the two for siblings because they both go by the surname “Kim.”

Kim Sejeong and BTS V have a lot in common, as evidenced by this comparison.

They both have the identical smiles on their faces.
In photos taken from the same angle, the two are likely to be opposing genders.

IVE’s Ahn Yujin – Jung So Min

Ahn Yujin, one of the IVE members, has been compared to a “actor” because of her wide range of facial expressions and sharp features.

Netizens have gone so far as to compare Yujin to actress Jung So Min, proving the notion even further.

According to some, Jung So Min and Ahn Yujin look alike. As Ahn Yujin develops, the resemblances become more pronounced.

Hair and cosmetics are so similar that it is nearly impossible to tell them apart.

ITZY’s Ryujin– Han So Hee

Since her debut, Ryujin has been compared favorably to actress Han So Hee. Netizens claim that the two stars share a nose, mouth, and eye form.

They’re believed to have the same edgy, edgy, and high-fashion vibe.

The similarities between ITZY Ryujin and actress Han So Hee are not lost on either one of them.



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