BTS’ V Sexy New Open-Shirt Selfie Has ARMYs Hypnotized

When V of BTS took off his shirt all the way, he showed off a different side of his charm.

BTS V posted a picture of himself at the music show “M Countdown” on his Instagram story on June 16, which got a lot of attention.

In the waiting room of Mnet‘s “M Countdown” show, V took a selfie in front of a mirror, showing off his wild charm.

V and the rest of BTS were recently on “M Countdown.”

In particular, the idol’s shirt was open all the way, showing off his upper body. V‘s deep eyes, sharp nose, and perfectly sculpted jawline also shone through the screen.

V and his group, the world-famous BTS, recently came back with the anthology album “Proof.” They performed “Yet to Come” and “For Youth” on Korean music shows for the first time in two years.

Misunderstandings about one of their videos led to rumors that the group was going to disband right after their 9th anniversary.

The members of BTS had to clear up the rumors by saying that each member will be focusing on solo activities, but that BTS is “forever“.

V’s Instagram photo, which has been seen by millions of people, has gone viral.



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