Netizens Were Surprised To Know That Jeon So Min Who Is Loved By Many For Her Lively Image On TV Turned Out To Be An Introvert

Actress Jeon So Min, who has been active in various entertainment programs with her comical side, confessed that she is surprisingly introverted.

On June 15th, Jeon So Min posted a picture of her MBTI test results on her Instagram story.

The photo contains a description of the ‘INFP’ (Passionate Moderator) among the 16 MBTI types. Jeon So Min also posted an article explaining the shortcomings of the ‘INFP’ type.

In Jeon So Min‘s post, ‘I am conscious of the gaze around me, but if it is excessive, it becomes a great stress’ and ‘My self-esteem goes down endlessly when others point out to me’, etc. were listed as the shortcomings of the ‘INFP’ type.

At the bottom of the article, the words ‘You have to be careful because your resilience is weak and you can fall into a feeling of depression when you hear such words and Sometimes there are severe emotional ups and downs, and your evaluation of yourself is poor‘, which drew attention.

Jeon So Min said, “That’s right” and showed strong agreement with the contents of the test results.

Fans were very surprised that Jeon So Min, who is always loved for her lively and bright image on TV shows, is an introverted ‘INFP’ type.

In fact, Jeon So Min said last year that her MBTI is an extroverted ‘ENFP’, so interest in Jeon So Min’s changed disposition is attracting attention.

Meanwhile, Jeon So Min is currently active in various entertainment and dramas such as SBS ‘Running Man’, tvN ‘Sixth Sense’, and JTBC ‘Cleaning Up’.



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