Lee Junho Proves He Is Truly Living His Best Life While Enjoying His Time Alone In An Amusement Park

An idol-turned-actor is getting a lot of positive feedback after he opened up about his extraordinary day-to-day life.

Lee Junho posted a video to his YouTube page titled “In The Deep Night, I’m Alone At The Amusement Park” on June 13th.

When Lee Junho was hired by Lotte World as a sponsor, he rented the entire Jamsil Lotte World and went on all of the rides. Lee Junho started with the merry-go-round and went on every ride without waiting in line.

After completing the schedule, Lee Junho commented, “I had a nice day because I could enjoy everything alone like this. It’s like I’m back in the old days“, he commented. “I sincerely thank Lotte World for helping me“.

Lee Junho was awarded the “2021 MBC Drama Awards” and the “Best Actor Award” at the Baeksang Arts Awards after he was discharged from the military in 2021.

Later, Lee Junho was cast in “King The Land” and “Unwritten Law“, showing his immense popularity.



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