V On BTS Temporary Suspension Of Activities As A Group, “I am exhausted”

While the idol group BTS announced the temporary suspension of group activities, V revealed his feelings to the fans.

On June 14th, V posted a long article beginning with the words “We are happy” on Weverse, a fan community.

He opened up saying that all 7 BTS members have different personalities and dispositions, but they all have the same thoughts about the fandom ‘Army‘.

V, who has been 10 years since his debut this year, said with all his heart that he was scared because he was always moving towards the top.

Next, V said that he should have given up on himself for the sake of the team, and he was happy while promoted as BTS, but he said that after that, he was exhausted.

Regarding the temporary suspension of team activities, V expressed it as “the beginning of our healthy steps to remain as BTS for a long time.” V added that he believes that fans will like this decision as well.

V also showed a strong affection for BTS and ARMY, saying that they are connected with the purple that symbolizes them.

V ended with the heartfelt words, “We love ARMY so much,” and moved the fans.

In response to his candid confession, the ARMYs cheered for their new start, saying, “I will always support you” and “I’m really looking forward to their individual activities.”

Meanwhile, BTS announced through a YouTube video on June 14th that they would temporarily suspend team activities and continue their individual activities.

They recently finished living in the dormitory and said that they were each independent, and they expressed their feelings of disappointment. Leader RM, Jimin, J-Hope, and Jungkook, shed tears as they announced the suspension of team activities.

Attention is paid to what the global idol BTS, which has dominated the world, will show through individual activities in the future.



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