The Actor Who Will Play The Lead Role In Suzy’s Upcoming Drama “Anna” Has Been Identified

Actor Kim Jun Han collaborates with Suzy in ‘Anna‘.

Coupang Play series ‘Anna‘, which will be released on June 24th, is a drama depicting the story of a woman who started living a completely different life from a small lie.

Anna‘ is Suzy’s first solo lead role in a drama, and Kim Jun Han takes on the role of Ji Hoon, Suzy’s husband. Ji Hoon is the representative of a promising venture company that was self-made at a young age.

He is a person who has extraordinary ambitions and pursues a goal-oriented life. He chooses to marry Anna (Suzy), who has similar aspects to him, without love.

In the published wedding photos, Jihoon and Anna are standing side by side with meaningful expressions on their faces.

Kim Jun Han explained about his role, “I went through a lot of trouble to three-dimensionally express the ironic and enigmatic side of Ji Hoon.”

He then raised curiosity about their acting synergy by saying, “We got along so well with each other,” about the other actor’s Suzy.

In the play, Kim Jun Han is going to heighten the tension by driving Anna with ruthlessness that does not choose any means or method to realize his desire. 

Anna‘ will be released through Coupang Play every Friday at 8 pm starting on June 24th.


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