J-Hope Gives ARMYs A Glimpse Of His First Tattoo After BTS Announce Hiatus

Fans are in tears at J-Hope‘s recent Instagram post.

Yet to come“, J-Hope captioned a new set of photos he shared to his personal Instagram account on June 15th. Fans and netizens were particularly taken with the first photo.

The tattoo of the number “7” on the back of the male idol’s calf is clearly visible in this picture. BTS leader RM recently revealed a tattoo of this design as a symbol of the group’s closeness, so it appears to be the same design. On June 10th, prior to J-Hope, RM shared a photo of the ‘7’ tattoo on his ankle on Instagram.

Because J-Hope‘s friendship tattoo was posted only one day after the rest of BTS revealed that they will be taking a break from group activities to concentrate on solo activities, viewing it brought tears to the eyes of fans.

Netizens in Korea were quick to comment on TheQoo:

  • “Did each member choose the number seven for their group tattoo?”
  • “He couldn’t even get his ears pierced back in the day… A tattoo…”
  • “J-Hope, who had his ears pierced but only wore clip-on earrings because he was afraid of getting sick, now has this friendship tattoo. I’m crying.”
  • “Our scaredy-cat Hobi ㅠㅠ I’m sobbing ㅠㅠ”
  • “It’s heartfelt, and I adore that J-Hope, who couldn’t even get his ears pierced, now has a tattoo… ”

According to Big Hit Music, the announcement that BTS group activities would be temporarily halted was misunderstood. “The members will do a lot of solo activities in the future“, Big Hit Music stated in an official statement on June 15. In addition, there are going to be group activities going on at the same time.

On June 10, BTS released their new album, “Proof”. Upon its initial release, the album’s title tune swiftly rose to the top of various music charts.



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