“Single’s Inferno” Song Jia Wows Fans As She Casually Flashed Her Toned Abs In Latest Instagram Photos

YouTuber Free Zia, who was caught up in the controversy over the use of fakes, shared her current situation through SNS.

On June 13th, Free Zia posted a number of photos of herself on Instagram.

In the published photo, Free Zia is wearing an orange knit crop T-shirt and gray pants with a generous silhouette, showing off the popular ‘low-rise’ fashion these days. 

In particular, Free Zia drew the attention of many people by revealing her strong abs between the top and bottom.

Also, Free Zia‘s slender arms and right-angled shoulders evoked a protective instinct.

Free Zia posed in various poses and boasted of her pretty appearance, causing admiration from fans.

Netizens who saw this showed various reactions such as “Resuming activities?”, “She is back”, “So lovely”, “Nice to meet you. Please upload photos often”.

Free Zia, who had previously been active as an influencer through social media and broadcasts such as YouTube and Instagram, received more attention by appearing on the dating reality show Netflix ‘Single’s Inferno’.

Afterward, suspicions arose that Free Zia wore fakes in YouTube videos and broadcasts, and in the end Free Zia admitted this and apologized and went into self-reflection.

On June 2nd, after about 5 months of self-reflection, Free Zia posted a picture of herself on Instagram and said, “Thanks to your concern and support, I am in good health. Are you all doing well?”



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