KARA Is Talking About Making A ‘Comeback’ To Mark Their 15th Anniversary As A Group

KARA members, who have had many hit songs such as ‘Jumping’, ‘Rock U’, ‘Pretty Girl’, ‘Honey’, and ‘Mr‘.

On June 14th, JTBC reported that KARA members were discussing a special event to commemorate the 15th anniversary of their debut, borrowing the words of several people from the music industry.

In fact, KARA gathered on the previous day (the 13th) to discuss the reunion content.

It is said that they opened up the possibility of various activities, such as the release of a digital single, and exchanged opinions.

KARA members are in a situation where they want to give a big gift to their fans to commemorate the 15th anniversary as much as they love the team.

Originally, the content was planned to be presented in time for ‘Camilia Day’ (June 11th), an anniversary with a fan, but the prepared content failed.

However, the members of KARA said they were happy to say that they even called Kang Ji Young and Nicole, who left their respective SNS accounts on June 11th, and took a commemorative photo as a whole.

If KARA reunites and releases a sound source, there is a possibility that they will meet Girls’ Generation, who worked together as their debut motive.

Girls’ Generation also plans to release an album in August to commemorate the 15th anniversary of their debut.



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