NCT Dream’s 2nd Regular Album ‘Glitch Mode’ + Repackage ‘Beatbox’ Sold 3.61 Million Copies Breaking The Group’s Own Record

NCT DREAM will be on the ‘Triple Million Seller’ for the second time in a row.

NCT DREAM’s 2nd regular album ‘Glitch Mode’, released on March 28, sold over 2.09 million copies, and the repackage ‘Beatbox‘ released on May 30, sold more than 1.52 million copies.

The album sold a total of 3.61 million copies (as of June 12). Following the first full-length album, it was once again listed as a ‘Triple Million Seller’.

Previously, NCT DREAM surpassed 2 million copies in album sales within a week of the release of the 2nd regular album and became a ‘double million seller’ in the shortest period of time. The high march continued.

In addition, NCT DREAM’s 2nd regular repackage ‘Beatbox’ topped the domestic album and music charts, 5 music shows, 1st in Japan’s Line Music Album Top 100 chart, 1st in China’s QQ Music digital album sales chart and music video chart in Korea.

Above, Singapore and Malaysia KKBOX Korean single charts topped the charts, continuing their popularity march.



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