From Boxing To Acting: 2 Korean Stars With Legit Boxing Backgrounds

These two actors have a lot of savagery in their punches.

Amateur boxing was a way for these two performers to get their start in acting.

Ahn Bo Hyun

At the national level, Ahn Bo Hyun represented Busan and earned a gold medal in the boxing tournament. When Ahn Bo Hyun was in middle school, he began boxing. He worked hard as a boxer for six years, despite the opposition of his parents.

Although Ahn Bo Hyun had a promising amateur boxing career, his parents’ criticism and worry about his future led him to abandon his ambitions to pursue a professional boxing career.

In the end, Ahn Bo Hyun made his debut as a model with a model-worthy height of 188cm. Acting began for him formally in 2014, and he has been in several films, including “Golden Cross“, “The Dearest Lady“, “Descendants of the Sun“, and “Her Private Life“.

In “Itaewon Class“, Ahn Bo Hyun took a giant step forward in his acting career. Since then, the popularity of “My Name” and “Military Prosecutor Doberman” has made him a household name among actors in their 30s.

Ahn Bo Hyun, a former boxer, has proven time and time again that he excels in action movies. Ahn Bo Hyun‘s boxing career, on the other hand, has left him with a scar.

When he appeared as a guest on “Amazing Saturday,” he revealed, “I got hit a lot while training. That explains why I’m having hearing problems right now.”

Lee Si Young 

As a boxer, not an actress, Lee Si Young gained her fame by competing in the national women’s rookie amateur boxing competition and Seoul’s amateur boxing competition, both of which she had previously competed in.

Despite being cast in a drama, the actress decided not to participate since she was focusing on her boxing career, as she stated in an interview.

Incheon City Hall, an amateur boxing business team, recruited Lee Si Young in 2013 and he went on to win the national championship that year.

Even though Lee Si Young is no longer competing in boxing, her strong resume in the sport led to a big break in the acting world.

When she first started acting, Lee Si Young was mostly seen in romantic comedies, but she’s already carved out a niche for herself in non-stunt action roles.



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