Apink’s Chorong X Bomi To Release Their First Album As A Sub-Unit

Apink will present their first unit in 11 years of debut.

On June 13th, the agency IST Entertainment announced, “Apink’s unit consisting of members Park Cho Rong and Yoon Bo Mi will release their first album in July.”

The agency said, “We are working hard to prepare to meet fans with new charm and high-quality music, so please look forward to it.”

The group name of the unit presented this time, ‘Chobom‘, is derived from the names of two people, Park Cho Rong and Yoon Bo Mi.

It is the first time for Apink to release an official unit album rather than a one-time combination for album tracks or performances, so many people’s attention is focused.

Apink debuted in the music industry with the release of the album ‘Seven Springs of Apink’ in 2011.

After that, Apink’s ‘NoNoNo’, ‘Mr. Chu’, ‘LUV‘, and ‘There is no one’, and many other hit songs were created and loved by fans.

Park Cho Rong and Yoon Bo Mi, who have been attracting attention for their presence as ‘all-around idols’, are paying attention to how they will show off their charms with different transformations and music through this unit activity.



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