Actress Han So Hee Updates Fans With Instagram Photos After Quite Some Time

Actress Han So Hee shared her recent situation.

Han So Hee posted a picture on her Instagram on June 12th without special comment.

In the published photo, Han So Hee took a selfie wearing a sleeveless top. She is holding the doll in his arms and staring at the camera with an expressionless expression.

Despite her face without makeup, her flawless skin and a sexy yet innocent atmosphere catch the eye.

Fans at home and abroad who saw this showed enthusiastic reactions such as “How can you be so pretty?”, “You take really good selfies”, “Please upload more pictures of your sister”, “I love you Han So-hee”.

Han So Hee debuted in the drama ‘Reunited Worlds’ in 2017, and has since appeared in a number of works such as ‘The World of the Married’, ‘Nevertheless’, and ‘My Name’.

She, who communicates with fans through Instagram, is often referred to as an ‘Insta restaurant’ by releasing a number of sensual selfies. 



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