SEVENTEEN’s Woozi Gave Everyone Way Too Much Info About SEVENTEEN’s Underwear

Woozi from SEVENTEEN shared an unforgettable experience about his stay with the members.

In June 11th, Woozi from SEVENTEEN made an appearance on episode 3 of the YouTube web show “Chimpal Character Dictionary.”

From the time they were trainees until the start of their debut, all SEVENTEEN members resided in the same apartment, according to Woozi.

They wore each other’s clothes because they didn’t have their own, according to Woozi. Woozi responded yes when Joo Ho Min questioned if they shared underwear, which made everyone laughing.

Some members, however, desired to secure their underwear hidden even though they shared everything.

Because the members’ perspectives differed, a compromise was eventually reached. When the washing was dry, the members agreed to give themselves an opportunity to take their own garments. They will be forced to share their garments if they do not take their own clothes immediately.

“Even when practicing dance, I thought, ‘I did the laundry today, so I’ll have to take care of it first as soon as I go to the dorm,Woozi, who had to protect his underwear, said, causing laughter.

However, he admitted that there were instances when he couldn’t pack his dry underwear quickly and that he had to buy new underwear.

Woozi claimed in the video that approximately 60 trainees passed through PLEDIS ENTERTAINMENT their agency before he debuted under SEVENTEEN.

“I kept my distance till debut because I was concerned that I’d get wounded if I felt attached to them (then soon departed)“, Woozi, who had been a trainee since middle school, made fans feel sorry for him.

Meanwhile, Woozi‘s group, SEVENTEEN, has recently garnered a lot of praise for their active activities with the release of their fourth full-length album, “Face the Sun.”



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