“Our Blues” Cast Members Say Goodbye To The Drama With Final Comments

The main characters in tvN‘s Saturday-Sunday drama “Our Blues” said their final goodbyes to viewers.

The “Our Blues” production team shared their thoughts ahead of the last episode, which will premiere on June 12th. Messages were also left for Lee Byung Hun, Shin Min Ah, Cha Seung Won, Lee Jung Eun, Han Ji Min, and Kim Woo Bin.

To begin with, Lee Byung Hun, who played Lee Dong Seok, stated, “This is a drama about the lives of many major characters.” Rather than a drama in which I starred, I loved this work objectively as a magnificent work“.

I could feel the excitement of watching the show live,” he continued, adding, “I hope ‘Our Blues’ will be regarded as a memorable work, thanks to the viewers who also consistently followed the drama to the finish“.

My heart ached a lot when I played Sun Ah,” Shin Min Ah, who played Min Sun Ah, admitted. “I attempted to comprehend the anguish and world that can only be understood from the perspective of a depressed person“.

She also exhibited a lot of love for her character. “I wanted to underline Sun Ah’s willingness to overcome her pain,” Shin Min Ah stated frankly. “I also wanted to express my full support for Sun Ah“.

Cha Seung Won, who played Choi Han Soo in “Our Blues,” stated, “I’ve played many harsh characters. Han Soo, on the other hand, was an ordinary person with many concerns. Now that the drama is over, I have a stronger feeling of accomplishment and contentment“.

Through Eun Hee, I learned to think about how to live amicably with my neighbors,” said Lee Jeong Eun, who played Jung Eun Hee. “I was overjoyed to be able to collaborate with all of the other actors and create this drama as a group“.

The time I lived in Pureung village was really wonderful,Han Ji Min, who played Lee Young Ok, remarked. “Everyone made me feel welcome. Now, I hope Young Ok can laugh and love as much as she wishes in the safety of her family’s arms.”

Kim Woo Bin, who plays Park Jung Joon in the drama, admitted, “While doing this fantastic work with everyone, I was able to look back on myself. Throughout the filming, my heart felt so warm. I believe this drama will live on in my heart for a long time.”

Other actors showed their appreciation as well. “I couldn’t have finished my part without Lee Byung Hun,” said Kim Hye Ja, who played Kang Ok Dong. “I was able to properly play my role thanks to everyone’s assistance.”

My desire was to act in a work created by Noh Hee Kyung, therefore I was extremely thrilled to be able to do work with her through ‘Our Blues’“, said Uhm Jung Hwa, who played Ko Mi Ran. “I had a great time performing Mi Ran. Thank you so much, Go Doo Sim, who played Hyun Chun Hee, said.

Our Blues” is a drama that expresses sympathy for the sweet and bitter lives of people who are at the start, climax, or end of their lives. Noh Hee Kyung wrote it, and Kim Kyu Tae directed it.

Today (June 12th) at 9:10 p.m., the final episode of “Our Blues” will air (KST).



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