IU Had The Most Hilarious Reaction To The Child Actor Who Said His Friends Don’t Watch Her YouTube Channel

Netizens were extremely interested in the child actor who embarrassed IU.

The primary cast of the film “Broker,” including actors Song Kang Ho, Kang Dong Won, Lee Joo Young, and Lim Seung Soo, participated as guests in the “IU’s Palette” video that was posted to IU‘s official YouTube channel on June 7th.

The young actor Lim Seung Soo performed “Drama” in front of IU before introducing their film.

IU instructed Lim Seung Soo, “For the viewers of Palette, please say anything you’d like, such as “I’ll return someday”. You can communicate with your friends“.

Seung Soo‘s statement, “My friends don’t actually watch IU’s Palette,” caused everyone on the scene to burst in laughter. Shocked by Seung Soo‘s innocent response, IU said, “They don’t…?” I see… I shall work harder. I apologize“.

In response to this scenario, netizens wrote, “Kids nowadays don’t know IU?“, “Unnecessary honest words“, “I only watched cartoons when I was that age“, “He’s adorable,” etc.



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