BLINKs Fear That BLACKPINK’s Upcoming Album Could Be Their Last Album Since The Group’s Contract Is Nearly Expiring And They Haven’t Had A Comeback For Almost 2 Years

Some fans are worried that BLACKPINK will release the final product together this year

BLACKPINK has not come back for more than 1 year and 8 months with any group products, but it is always at the top in terms of reputation among current Kpop girl groups.

Expected to return majestically in the second half of 2022, but this comeback also worries many fans because of the risk that this album may be the group’s last album.

The reason comes from the number of years of operation of BLACKPINK approaching 7, which is when the group decided whether to continue to sign a contract with YG or not.

BLACKPINK is famous not only in Korea but also as a global girl group

BLACKPINK debuted in August 2016, it has been almost 6 years so far. Despite showing few products and extremely small comebacks, the 4 YG girls from the position of “dinosaur rookies” have risen to become a global girl group.

BLACKPINK not only proves their talent as K-pop idols but also new generation fashion icons.

The music and individual style of each member is the guideline of some current rookies. Therefore, the fact that YG has “hidden” BLACKPINK for so long from a comeback also makes many fans speculate that the group will not continue to sign a contract with the company if it is due for 7 years.

But undeniably, the success of BLACKPINK is also partly thanks to the training and image-oriented strategy that YG has for the 4 girls.

Right from the debut, YG has oriented the image for BLACKPINK as a girl group that is both stylish and very attractive to fans.

Currently, the topic of discussing the risk that BLACKPINK’s final product will be released this year has attracted great attention from Korean netizens.

People shared many opinions, the most prominent being the speculation that Lisa would leave and the remaining 3 members would still be with YG.

The discussion topic also said that next year, YG will invest money in a new girl group, the risk of BLACKPINK’s promotion being limited is very likely.

Besides, Knet also believes that BLACKPINK is currently the biggest name of YG, so the company will not easily lose the group.

Through interviews, it can also be seen that the 4 BLACKPINK girls are very attached to the company and YG’s treatment for domestic chickens is always at the top.

BLACKPINK not only has the opportunity to make music, but also has a lot of opportunities to go further in fashion, so the group will re-sign with the management company.

Many people think that foreign member Lisa will no longer sign a contract with YG

Some comments of Knet:

  • Well… I saw BLACKPINK’s interview and it looks like the group is going to re-sign.
  • If there is no BLACKPINK now, YG will lose the title of “big company”, will they let BLACKPINK go if they haven’t created a new girl group that can replace BLACKPINK? BLACKPINK is so popular, just like BIGBANG, so I think YG will treat the group very well until the end.
  • If it’s an album, it’s a blessing for fans, in the worst case, the group will disband after releasing a single.
  • The girls said that they want to promote as BLACKPINK members until the end.
  • I don’t think they want to re-sign.
  • What about Jisoo? Looking forward to her solo album.
  • YG will definitely go bankrupt if BLACKPINK leaves.
  • Personally, I think the group will re-sign.



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