“The Roundup” Marks Son Seok Koo’s Debut As A “10-million movie” Actor

Son Seok Koo‘s “my success notes” have been revealed to be true: “Mr. Gu did it,” as they say.

On June 11th, Lee Sang Young‘s film “The Roundup” finally broke the 10 million mark in ticket sales. “The Roundup,” which takes place in Vietnam, tells the story of detective Ma Seok Do (Ma Dong Seok) and his crew as they attempt to apprehend the culprit Kang Hae Sang (Son Seok Koo).

Consequently, “The Roundup” has become the 28th film in the Korean film industry’s “10 million club.” More than 10 million people have seen this film in Korea for the first time since the pandemic and more than three years after “Parasite” (2019).

On May 18th, “The Roundup” debuted with 1 million admissions, and it continued its box office success by breaking all records since the COVID-19 pandemonium, with 2 million admissions, 3 million admissions and 4 million admissions on the following days, as well as 6 million admissions on the 10th day, 7 million on the 12th day, 8 million on the 14th day, and 9 million on the 20th day.

Son Seok Koo’s rising popularity after starring in JTBC‘s “My Liberation Notes” was a major element in the success of “The Roundup,” but the movie’s dramatic action was not the only factor. Son Seok Koo portrayed Mr. Gu, a character whose identity and past remain a mystery, in the recently concluded Korean television series “My Liberation Notes“.

Son Seok Koo‘s portrayal of Mr. Gu, who has the look of a “wounded beast” and the expression of someone who has been abandoned, has been hailed as a perfect type for female followers. Son Seok Koo became a hot issue as the show’s popularity climbed each week. In Son Seok Koo‘s own words, Mr. Gu was the best character he had ever played in his entire career.

The 2019 film “Hit-and-Run Squad” marked Son Seok Koo‘s debut as a “10-million movie” actor, and his third starring part after the 2021 film “Nothing Serious” has seen him rise to the status of “10-million movie” actor once again.

Son Seok Koo got two awards for his work in both theater and film after the success of “My Liberation Notes” and “The Roundup“.

When compared to Yoon Kye Sang‘s character Jang Chen from “The Roundup,” Son Seok Koo‘s Kang Hae Sang is an obnoxious bad guy who does whatever he wants. Ma Seok Do is even confronted by the villain with his own blood.

Isn’t Kang Hae Sang Mr. Gu’s past?Gu was a popular theory among fans who saw both Son Seok Koo‘s current drama and movie. “What an interesting analysis” was Son Seok Koo‘s response to this interpretation.

“If you’re going to portray this villain, make him as powerful as possible for as long as possible.” Son Seok Koo agreed to appear in “The Roundup” with this goal in mind: Kang Hae Sang, a “manly man from Hell” who wields a sharp dagger cruelly with his ferocious eyes without a sidekick, seems like an impossible role for anyone save Son Seok Koo.

Several fans are eagerly awaiting Son Seok Koo‘s next move following his recent success as a “10 million movie” actor.



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