Korean Netizens Have Drastically Different Reaction Towards IU’s “Broker” Despite Huge Success At Cannes

“Broker” isn’t getting a lot of attention from the public in Korea.

In 2022, “Broker” was nominated for a Cannes Film Festival Award. A 12-minute standing ovation was given to the piece at its premiere.

Critics overwhelmingly gave the picture a favorable assessment. Song Kang Ho, a South Korean actor, won the Cannes Best Actor prize at the same time.

However, the general public did not appreciate the effort. The majority of viewers were let down by “Broker.” They said Hirokazu Koreeda‘s objectives were ambiguous and the film’s content was confused.

The movie’s script was deemed unrealistic by the audience. The work’s uplifted message, on the other hand, continues to be appreciated by many people.

Audiences continue to give the film mixed reviews. In spite of this, the vast majority of viewers remain unimpressed:

  • At Cannes, the 12 minutes of acclaim for “Broker” made me eager to see it. However, after seeing the film, I was a little let down. The performances by the performers are generally excellent, although I occasionally have difficulty understanding what they are saying. There was only one scenario that had the power to elicit an emotional response from me.
  • Honestly, I’m a bit dissatisfied, I think the storyline is not enough for the cast to display their full talent.
  • This movie is making me feel drowsy. It’s a let-down, really.



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