Son Seok Koo Explains Why He Desires to Get Married and Have Kids Right Away

Son Seo Koo’s fame is soaring with The Roundup.

Son Seok Koo played Kang Hae Sang, an angry villain with a sophisticated and beautiful look.

Son Seok Koo reveals a reversal that normally generates ‘dang-daeng-mi,’ so fans can’t readily escape his attraction.

Son Seok Koo’s participation in the 2018 making video of tvN’s ‘Mother‘ gained attention.

Son Seok Koo acted with a youngster then. During his speech, he fell in love with a kid actor, smiled, and said NG.

Son Seok Koo took the ramen the little actor gave him and ate it. A father-daughter date.

Son Seok Koo couldn’t stop watching the young actor and reserved a ticket for ‘Future Daughter Fool’

Son Seok Koo suggested marriage in a 2014 interview for the film ‘Romance in Love

Son Seok Ko stated he prefers a funny woman “I’m older, so my relationships are more realistic. I’m currently single

He admitted, “Now I want kids. I’m in a responsible age.”, adding, “My marriage fantasies are unclear.”



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