“The Roundup” Casts Will Be Conducting An Audience Conversation To Thank Fans For Their Unending Support

GV at Megabox COEX on the 15th to compensate the audience for ‘The Roundup’ (Director Lee Sang-yong), which made the biggest box office record since the COVID-19 pandemic. (Audience conversation)

Ma Dong Seok, Son Seok Koo, Choi Gwi Hwa, Heo Dong Won, Ha Jun, Jung Jae Gwang, and director Lee Sang Yong will appear in the GV after the 3:30 pm screening.

On this day at GV, ABO Entertainment’s SNS pre-questions will be selected by random and asked to actors and directors.

Park Kyung-rim will host the on-site GV for Naver NOW. ABO Entertainment’s SNS has more information concerning queries and the preview. The day’s attendees may vary.

The Roundup‘ had the largest opening of a Korean movie since the epidemic, with 1 million on the first day, 2 million on the second, 3 million on the third, 4 million on the fifth, 5 million on the tenth, 6 million on the twelfth, and 6 million on the fourteenth. 7 million, 8 million on June 18, 9 million on June 20, and so far 9.5 million; the countdown has begun to break 10 million for the first time since the outbreak.

Nationally, ‘The Roundup‘ is playing.



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