Starship Entertainment Drops WJSN Scheduler For Single-Album “Sequence”

WJSN returns with ‘Sequence’.

Starship Entertainment began the comeback countdown by releasing WJSN’s scheduler on June 8.

The image of flowers against a sky blue background is mysterious. WJSN’s Sequence‘ single album is gaining popularity.

WJSN will release tracklists, mood films, album previews, and music video teasers starting on June 14th. On July 5, they’ll release an album and have a comeback show.

After ‘UNNATURAL‘ was launched in March, the members resumed unit activities, OSTs, musicals, movies, and dramas. It’s harsh and mature.

Fans’ hopes for this comeback are building after they won Mnet’s ‘Queendom 2′ with their unmatched stage performance and enthusiasm.

Prior to their comeback, they will host a solo concert ‘2022 WJSN CONCERT “WONDERLAND” at the Olympic Hall in Olympic Park, Seoul on June 11th and 12th.



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