“Our Blues” Placed #8 In The Global TV Show Category

tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama ‘Our Blues‘ ranked in the top 10 global popular content.

Our Blues” placed 8th in the global TV show category on June 7th, according to Flixpatrol. Netflix ranked it 4th for non-English content.

Global viewers love IMDB. “This drama features romance, friendship, comedy, and emotion”. “We empathize with all characters’ shortcomings”. “One of the best Korean dramas to watch,” “Like a slow-roasted coffee, you’ll appreciate it if you savor it,” “Realistic, comfortable, tender, tragic, and warm,” etc. were some of the reactions.

Dragon Studio Jang Jeong-do, who directed ‘Our Blues,’ pondered how it might appeal to worldwide viewers with its Korean sensibilities and Jeju Island setting. I’m thankful for viewers everywhere.”

Our Blues airs weekends at 9:10 pm.



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