Netizens Were Excited To See The Upcoming Episode Of ‘Home Alone,’ Featuring SHINee’s Key And Minho Because Of Its Funny Trailer Of Minho Cleaning Key’s House

In ‘Home Alone,’ Minho was discovered cleaning and washing at Key’s house, while Key, the owner of the house full of leisure, and Minho, the guest, made everyone curious.

SHINee’s Key will be unveiled as the housekeeper in MBC’s ‘Home Alone‘ on June 10 at 11:10 pm.

SHINee’s Key is busy. “I now have an overseas schedule. New album in the works “Leaving chores, he said. Shine Muscat, Kiwi, and Kale planted three months ago are expected to startle. It stimulates curiosity about Key’s garden, who emerged in the news as a ‘food butler’ and spearheaded the ‘MZ generation”s companion plant mania.

Along with Key’s soulless introduction, “My soul partner, Choi Min Ho, came to visit,” Minho emerged, increasing expectations. Why did he call Minho to his house on a day for housework? Not only did they share a lot as SHINee members, but if they had extreme chemistry, wonderful exchange situations abound.

Minho allegedly nagged as he rambled around Key’s house. He summoned “Passionate Minho” to add affectionate touches, claiming that excessive companionship causes tension. If they catch fire, they plan to go swimming to cool themselves, sparking curiosity.

It’s expected to be bumpy at first, which is intriguing. Key enjoys looking in the mirror while his guest, Minho, sweeps, mops, and does laundry. Minho, who nags, “It takes a million years to wear clothing,” and Key, who maintains “My Way,” will inhabit the small room on Friday without a hangover.

Key and Minho’s chemistry may be observed in ‘Home Alone’ on June 10 at 11:10 pm.



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