Every Time Their Idol Releases A Product, JYP Is Always Accused of “Plagiarizing” the Concept

JYP continuously lost points because of many controversies about borrowing ideas. 
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When it comes to JYP Entertainment, people all shake their heads in disgust with unprofessional working times. 

In particular, the controversy surrounding the company’s plagiarism continues every time the artist releases a new product.

Yeji – Ryujin becomes a copy of Irene – Seulgi

Image of Ryujin and Yeji in the upcoming new product. 
(Photo: YouTube STUDIO CHOOM screenshot [스튜디오 춤])

On June 8, fans were excited by the news that the duo Yeji and Ryujin were chosen by the Studio to perform on MIX & MAX. 

The two will cover the song Break My Heart Myself by Bebe Rexha. 

However, after the first pictures of Yeji and Ryujin were revealed, people suddenly had a fierce controversy.

The images in the MV Monster of the Red Velvet duo. 
(Photo: YouTube SMTOWN screenshot)

Many people noticed that the two girls’ visuals and concepts are somewhat similar to Red Velvet’s Irene and Seulgi duo in Monster 

Although Yeji and Ryujin performed excellently, many netizens were fed up with JYP’s way of working. 

This is not the first time the company has been questioned about “borrowing ideas” from other houses.

Nayeon “similar” to Jennie’s concept

Nayeon’s concept image is commented to be similar to Jennie’s. 
(Photo: YG, JYP Entertainment)

On the same day, a wave of controversy about Nayeon’s solo debut also took place. 

Specifically, JYP revealed the initial images for the solo stage of the group’s sister TWICE

However, people commented that the image was a bit “similar” to Jennie’s SOLO debut .

Nayeon’s image is also attracting attention. 
(Photo: JYP Entertainment)

Jennie used to go viral with this magazine photo shoot. 
(Photo: W Korea)

Even the pose and layout of the photo shoot reminds the audience of Jennie. 

While fans tried to defend, thinking it was just a coincidence, people called JYP. The solo debut of the first member of TWICE quickly lost points in the hearts of the audience.

JYP blatantly copied Jisoo’s Hanbok

The combined music product of Dahyun and Chaeyoung also caused a stir. Controversies about the hanbok Dahyun wearing the same as Jisoo suddenly broke out. 

Designer and visual director Kim Balko also spoke out when she learned that her ideas were blatantly stolen.

 Although JYP apologized and explained, it was not able to make netizens cool down.

Dahyun’s hanbok became the center of attention. 
(Photo: YouTube screen capture TWICE)

The hanbok is specifically designed for BLACKPINK’s Jisoo. 
(Photo: Pinterest)

NMIXX was branded as “rookie thi phi”

Digipegi CEO, who used to work with LOONA, insists that it is not related to NMIXX’s teaser. 
(Photo: Screenshot @moooon.lee)

When debuting the rookie girl group NMIXX, JYP was caught in the eye of a series of plagiarism suspicions. 

People commented that the 2 debut teasers are similar to the MV Why Not?, PTT of senior LOONA

In addition, the NMIXX logo was also accused of being inspired by the ENHYPEN fandom logo, ENGENE.

Even the logo was accused of plagiarizing the idea, making fans bored. 
(Photo: Pinterest)

When the MV OO was released, many netizens thought that NMIXX learned the concept of ATEEZ

Specifically, MV OO reused the content and worldview in ATEEZ’s music products. 

The introduction of many duplicate images of space and ships made fans skeptical.

MV OO has many scenes similar to ATEEZ’s products. 
(Photo: Screenshot of KQ, JYP Entertainment)

Not only that, the costumes of JYP idols are also accused of plagiarism. Friskmegood, the owner of corsets modified from Nike shoes, spoke out about NMIXX wearing clothes with a “similar” design to them.

Later, the unit that produced the outfit for NMIXX admitted that it was inspired by Friskmegood. 

However, people did not accept this way of working and asked JYP to give a satisfactory explanation.

The Friskmegood account accused JYP of borrowing his idea. 
(Photo: Instagram @friskmegood, @doooho)

Although the production unit has made a correction, fans are still not satisfied. 
(Photo: Instagram @friskmegood, @doooho)

Netizens continue to realize that JYP’s rookie tiered dresses are similar to the design of the Haute Couture collection from the brand Viktor & Rolf.

 In addition, the outfit Kyujin wears is similar to the “suit” of the Giambattista Valli x H&M fashion house.

The dress Kyujin wears is similar to the design Kendall Jenner wore a few years ago. 
(Photo: Pinterest)

NMIXX impresses with colorful floating dresses. 
(Photo: JYP Entertainment)

NMIXX’s dress is said to be inspired by the Haute Couture collection. 
(Photo: Pinterest)

Netizens only criticized JYP Entertainment, not targeting NMIXX. However, after a series of controversies surrounding noisy plagiarism, NMIXX became a gen 4 girl group.

Although not criticized, NMIXX was also affected a lot. 
(Photo: DAZED)

Because of many negligent acts, JYP Entertainment gradually lost points. The lack of proper investment by the company makes the groups entangled in a lot of noise, being labeled as plagiarism and becoming blurred.

JYP’s unprofessional way of working has repeatedly become the subject of criticism on social networking sites. 

It is because of negligence and lack of enthusiasm that groups are greatly affected. 

Every debut or comeback of the “house-chicken” is entangled in bad controversies.

No matter what, it requires care and attention. We can learn as well as choose the advantages to promote. 

However, completely copying someone else’s work is unacceptable. 


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