Namoo Actors Reveals Behind-The-Scenes Poster For Seohyun’s “Jinxed at First”

Seohyun’s appearance in ‘Jinxed at First‘ increased expectations.

Namoo Actors, Seohyun’s agency, revealed the drama’s poster shooting location on June 8.

Jinxed at First‘ is a fantasy about the goddess Seulbi (Seohyun), who jumps out of the unknown world to break the curse, and Gong Soo Gwang (Na In Woo), who obeys his terrible life as his destiny, overcoming a painful fate. Romance drama.

Seulbi has resided in a prison due to her powers and will draw a voyage in which she meets Gong Soo Gwang and changes her fate.

In the photo shared today, Seohyun pokes her face through the wall, revealing Seulbi’s eyes. In the scene where she holds a teddy bear, she exudes fairy tale charm.

Seohyun’s devotion is felt in other cuts by capturing moments of monitoring to build a better ‘Seulbi‘ The great synchronization rate of the visuals with the original webtoon is also drawing people.

Seohyun said that Seulbi’s positive approach and curious, challenging mentality resembled hers. Seohyun’s Jinxed at First‘ has high expectations for the ‘Seulbi‘ she will present.

Jinxed at First‘ premieres June 15 at 9:50 PM.



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