“Crash Landing On You” Actor Oh Man Seok Signed An Exclusive Contract With MCN Ujurox

Oh Man Seok has inked an exclusive contract with MCN Ujurox and announced a new start.

Oh Man Seok has appeared in ‘Partners for Justice’, ‘Beautiful World,’ and ‘Youth of May’. He’s talented throughout genres.

Oh Man Seok won the 2019 MBC Drama Awards Male Excellence Award for ‘Partners for Justice Season 2’, establishing his status as a ‘trustworthy actor’ In ‘Youth of May‘ and ‘Crash Landing on You,‘ he exhibited the essence of a villain who generates rage and chills, grabbing more attention than ever.

He’s showing off his unequaled acting skills by performing ‘Hedwig‘ and ‘Gentleman’s Guide‘ on stage.

Park Nam Joo, CEO of Ujurox, said, “I‘m thrilled to be with Oh Man Seok, an actor with stage, drama, and movie skills.”

Ujurox generates original content with video content creators based on its content planning ability and gives an optimum full branding solution by studying celebrities, influencers, and companies. It’s a new media company expanding into commerce, branding, marketing, and OTT drama creation.



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