BTS Jungkook Shared That He Regretted On Not Listening To His Hairstylist, Here’s The Reason Why

Jungkook, who reached stardom at 26, stated he regretted several things, which intrigued followers.

Jungkook chatted with fans via V LIVE on June 7.

Jungkook, who came to go camping alone, discussed with fans about his new hairdo and claimed he lamented his old ‘triangle gimbap’ hair.

The staff told him to clip his hair to make him beautiful, but he didn’t listen.

The ‘triangle gimbap’ hairstyle was stylish at the time. Jungkook laughed after confessing he grown his hair by himself.

“If I had listened then, I would have raised it prettier,” said Jungkook. “I’ll never see my head again,” he remarked.

Jungkook had long hair without bangs in 2019.

Jungkook, who had long hair until last year’s ‘Butter‘ promotions, recently cut it short and is glowing.

Jungkook explained why he deleted his Instagram feeds on this day.

Fans were reassured: “No reason. Nope.” He just wanted a prettier feed.

Jungkook’s group BTS will release ‘Proof‘ on June 10.



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