5 Korean Actors Who Didn’t Catch Their Big Break Until Later In Life

Warm looks and good acting make many ladies swoon.

They weren’t popular. After debuting in obscurity, they finally gained fans’ love.

Introducing a popular actor who rose from a lesser role to a starring role and receives many love calls.

Let’s look at some actors who have risen from obscurity.

Koo Kyo Hwan

Koo Kyo Hwan is a 13-year experienced actor known for his unusual voice and charm.

Koo Kyo Hwan made his acting debut in the 2008 independent film Children.

In 2019, Koo Kyo Hwan became known for ‘Castaway on the Moon‘ and ‘Peninsula’ in 2020.

After then, he became a ‘trend actor’ with ‘Kingdom: Ashin of the North’ and ‘DP‘ on Netflix.

Jo Jung Suk

Jo Jung Suk developed a syndrome by playing ‘Nep-rae’ in the 2012 film ‘Architecture 101

Jo Jung Suk made his debut as ‘The Nutcracker‘ in 2004.

Jo Jung Suk, who was unknown for 8 years, now leads plays and movies.

Teo Yoo

Teo Yoo made his debut in 2009’s ‘Actresses‘ with his tall stature, sculptural looks, and lovely voice.

Since his debut, he went through a long period of obscurity, but in 2018, the Russian movie ‘Leto‘ was invited to Cannes and began to draw home fans.

He then appeared in ‘Vertigo‘ and ‘Money Game

Heo Sung Tae

Heo Sung Tae, who became famous in 2021 for Netflix’s ‘Squid Game,‘ debuted in 2012.

Heo Sung Tae has cultivated his skills from the ground up.

Heo Sung Tae‘s efforts paid off late, and he’s now a big figure receiving love calls.

Jung Woo


Jung Woo debuted in 2001’s ‘Running 7 Dogs’

Jung Woo, who has had minor roles in many productions, gained fame with 2009’s ‘Wish.’

Jung Woo’s heyday was 2013’s tvN drama ‘Reply 1994‘.

Jung Woo, who played male protagonist ‘Sseureki’, provided spectators excitement and fun, creating a ‘character of life’



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