The Hilarious Reasons Why Actor Son Seok Koo’s Mom Scolds Him in Public Restrooms

Son Seok Koo became very well-known after his roles in “The Roundup” and “My Liberation Notes” on JTBC.

Son Seok Koo has a manly face with a sharp jawline and single eyelids. In “The Roundup,” where he played the evil Kang Hae Sang, he had a lot of charisma.

But, unlike how he looks or acts in “The Roundup“, Son Seok Koo is shy and quiet in real life. Son Seok Koo said on the February episode of JTBC‘s “Movie Room” that one of the reasons he has such a personality is because of his mother.

Son Seok Koo said at the time that his mother was the most honest and honest-to-goodness person he knew. Son Seok Koo said, “My mom is very picky about cleanliness and hates using public restrooms“.

Son Seok Koo made everyone laugh when he said, “When I say I need to go to the bathroom at the department store, my mom yells, “Son Seok Koo, are you peeing or pooping? If you have to poop, bring some toilet paper with you.”

Son Seok Koo‘s mother seems to have cared more about how clean public toilets were than how private her son was.

Son Seok Koo also said that he told his mother not to call his name because she was embarrassing him when she talked loudly about physiological things in crowded places, like an announcement.

When Son Seok Koo‘s mother told a funny story, the rest of the cast couldn’t help but laugh out loud. MC Park Sang Young said to Son Seok Koo, “Now I know why you were so shy when you were young”. When Son Seok Koo said, “Because your mom always does that“, Son Seok Koo nodded.



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