Son Seok Koo Gave A Heartwarming Fan Service To A Female Fan Who Effortly Worn A Spider-Man While Watching His Movie “The Roundup”

Son Seok Koo gave great fan service.

Son Seok Koo uploaded photographs on Instagram with the comment “Did I say I’d post a story?

The snapshot shows a woman in a Spider-Man costume attending ‘The Roundup’ starring Son Seok Koo.

The fan’s sign read ‘Dare to get away from me‘.

The Roundup’ is anticipated to eclipse ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’s 7.55 million viewers, the highest-grossing film since the outbreak.

Son Seok Koo, who went to greet the stage, was also drawn to the smart fan.

Son Seok Koo welcomed a fan to the stage for a photo and shared it to social media, giving her a unique memory.

Whether she’s happy or not, the Son Seok Koo admirer smiles brightly.

Some followers called their envy “real holiness” and promised to do Iconic with Son Seok Koo in a distinctive costume.

According to the Film Promotion Committee’s integrated computer network, ‘The Roundup’ had 9,323,635 spectators on June 7th.

This is a 20-day record.

The Roundup’ depicts a crime-fighting operation between monster detective Ma Seok Do (Ma Dong Seok) and the Geumcheon Seo mobster to apprehend Kang Hae Sang (Son Seok Koo), who has taken over Vietnam.



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