Lee Joo Young Shares How She Love Her Co-Star IU In “Broker”, “I Love IU”

Lee Joo Young mentioned IU from ‘Broker.’

On June 7, Lee Joo Young appeared on SBS Power FM’s ‘Park Ha-Cinetown’ sun’s

Lee Joo Young, who went to Cannes with ‘Broker‘ that day, said, “Cannes in May is hotter than Seoul, but the sun is shining, so the photos came out well. I went in anticipation of what it would be like to search for a photocall event and take a picture, but it was as good as I expected. The light is different.”

After a 12-minute standing ovation at the official screening of ‘Broker,’ she stated, “From the red carpet to entering the cinema, he gave a standing ovation even when it was over.”

“It was a beautiful experience,” she continued.

Lee Joo Young claimed ‘Broker‘ director Koreeda appreciates ‘My Liberation Notes‘. He likes Korean dramas.

Lee Joo Young liked Broker’s IU. She told IU was a year younger and that she shared her dorm in Cannes. Much was spoken. On set, she didn’t have many scenes.

She continued, “We plan to fly to Japan together after the promotion. In the process, we’ve become friends. I love IU,” adding, “Even when she’s with me, she makes others feel happy.”



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