BLACKPINK’s Jennie Has One “Bad” Habit That She Wish She Would Stop Doing For Her Own Good

BLACKPINK Jennie wants to change a habit.

Jennie posted ‘Jennie’s Selfcare Routines‘ on YouTube on June 6.

Jennie stated, “I was going to shoot a YouTube video on my night ritual, but I wash up quickly and go to bed early.”

When I travel, I burn incense for mental and physical steadiness,” she remarked. “It’s comforting to smell home when traveling. I need incense.”

Jennie detailed her sleep schedule “My manager will call if there’s no alarm, so I set one. I made simple music that makes you fear the alarm clock.”

Perfect Jennie wanted to change a habit. Jennie said, “I’m a human, so I can’t stop because it’s wonderful to lay in bed after washing everything and use my phone.”

Then, “In that time, I watch movies or listen to music. I minimize phone use.”

She countered, “I prefer documentaries” I’m accumulating knowledge I don’t need. I want terrible occurrences and antique artifacts “, she said while laughing.

Watch the video below:



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