Actress Han Ji Min’s Admirable Behavior Towards Co-Star Jung Eun Hye In “Our Blues” Who Have Down Syndrome Was Revealed By Her Mother

Jang Cha Real, the mother of Jung Eun Hye, thanked Han Ji Min.

Jung Eun Hye and her mother, writer Jang Cha Real, appeared on CBS’s ‘Kim Hyun Jung’s News Show’ on June 6.

Jung Eun Hye remarked, “I’m delighted to be popular. I’m a star.”

The writer says, “When I saw ‘Our Blues,’ Eun Hye was there. Noh Hee Kyung quickly captured 30 years of her life and dissolved that person.

She continued, “The filming site has actors and personnel. I wasn’t worried because of Han Ji Min”

Han Ji Min majored in social work,” she stated. When Eun Hye first met people, I told her to “Speak slowly,” ‘but it wasn’t necessary’, Han Ji Min said. Han Ji Min spotted her missing lines and toilet breaks on set. It was unexpected.”

Kim Woo Bin and Han Ji Min surprised Eun Hye on her birthday during filming. “Wasn’t I happy? ” and laughed.

Jung Eun Hye, an actress with Down syndrome, played Young Ok (Han Ji Min )’s twin sister Yeong Hee in ‘Our Blues’

Han Ji Min posted an Instagram photo with Jung Eun Hye, indicating their friendship.



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