Actor Kang Dong Won Talks About His Experiences While Filming “Broker”, His Future Plans + More

Kang Dong Won talked about ‘Broker‘ and his future goals.

Broker‘ illustrates the unusual journey of those who share a baby box. Kang Dong Won plays Dong Su, an orphanage broker.

In an interview with ‘Broker‘ held in Samcheong-dong, Seoul on June 7th, Kang Dong Won commented about his first meeting with the work, “It was fun. I was abroad when we planned to go location scouting.”

He remarked about Hirokazu Koreeda, “I felt comfortable filming with the indie-style filmmaker. He’s a terrific master, so I tried my best and enjoyed filming.” “I’ve spent two birthdays in Korea alone. Mealtime companion. He turned 60. His 60th birthday was mine “creating laughter.

Continuing, “I’m concerned about your vacation diet. What are you consuming today? I told the producer, ‘If the director has time, take these foods,’ We couldn’t eat together because of the epidemic, which was sad.”

Kang Dong Won‘s performance is superb. Also, “Daily acting isn’t the hardest, either. Light acting is easier. It’s less stressful, because creating genre-specific characters is harder.”

He, who collaborated with IU, added, “First breath felt good. Few talks. Still with Kang Ho’s uncles “Laughter followed.

He told IU, “Yes It’s little. Excellent. Filming, I knew. I expected a good response.”

Kang Dong Won described his first time on the red carpet as a competition “It was excessively hot, and my clothing were thick. Already sweaty, I couldn’t take off my jacket for fear of awful things happening “shook

He remarked, “I planned to create a table, but someone suggested I not photograph it. As promised, I uploaded it. If anything fascinating comes up, I’ll do it, but it’s not a priority.” Did you notice the video comment? “Humorous. Good words exist. Healing. No fighting, “Laughed.

Kang Dong Won remarked, “Talk continues. We also intend international co-productions. My storyline includes a summer and a mid-year drama. Hopefully I can shoot it next year or the year after. Other productions have scripts.” He answered, “I’ll appear in what I wrote. I wrote for myself.”

Continuing, “Plan can change. I’m restless. I loathe to follow and enjoy trying new things. I avoid unfun activities. Fun is key. When I said, “It’ll be fun to write,” people liked it. Not “I’ll do it” I got an idea after writing it and performed it because the feedback was favorable.”

Broker‘ is the most-reserved film a day before its release “I watched it yesterday when it was first.” he concluded.

The Broker‘ is out June 8.



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