“The Roundup” Surpasses 9 Million Views 18 Days After Its Release

The Roundup” nears 10 million.

The action movie ‘The Roundup,’ starring Ma Dong Seok and Son Seok Koo, surpassed 9 million viewers on June 6.

This is faster than the last 10 million Korean movie, ‘Parasite‘.

9 million people have watched ‘Parasite‘ in 25 days.

If ‘The Roundup’ surpasses 10 million viewers, it will be three years after ‘Parasite

The Roundup‘ had the best opening for a Korean film since the pandemic.

Since then, it’s reached 1 million viewers in 2 days, 2 million in 4 days, 3 million in 5 days, 4 million in 7 days, 5 million in 10 days, 6 million in 12 days, and 14 days. 7 million viewers in 18 days.

Officials want to know if ‘The Roundup,’ which is breaking box office records since the pandemic, can reach 10 million views.

In ‘The Roundup,’ monster detective Ma Seok Do (Ma Dong Seok) and the Geumcheon Seo gangster catch Kang Hae Sang (Son Seok Koo), who has taken over Vietnam.

The movie is 106 minutes long and 15+.

Assistant director Lee Sang Yong caught the megaphone’s attention.


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